My name is Tony Janssens, born in 1972 and graduated in 1994 with a master degree in IT/Maths (University of Antwerp, Belgium).

People describe me as a creative mind with a passion for detail (who am I to disagree). Although I dislike commercials on TV, I have a strong interest in creating new brands for special projects.

With a career as a technical (telecom) trainer, I was able to combine the routine with the creative aspect of delivering each course to it’s specific audience. But after so many reorganisations in so many years, the flame for the telecom and big companies faded slowly but surely. The drive for the creation of images and visuals however remained intact and I decided to do something with it. After having helped many people I decided to setup my own company (one needs to make some money after all in the telecom after-life).

So if you are looking to build an identity for you or your company, don’t hesitate and click that “send email” button. Or go to the contact form where you don’t need a mail program to get in touch.